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Social Initiatives

MIT School of Government understands the importance of social innovation and has been very active to voice up for social causes. MIT-SOG organises Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad since past 11 years and has been instrumental in channelising youth to politics of development, unity and national integration. MIT-SOG felicitates UPSC candidates since more than  a decade


National Legislators' Conference (NLC) Bharat

National Legislators’ Conference Bharat (NLC Bharat) is an avenue for Members of Legislative Assemblies (MLAs) and Members of Legislative Councils (MLCs) across the nation to gather at one place and exchange ideas in this historic conference. The first edition of NLC Bharat took place in Mumbai from 15th to 17th June 2023. MLAs and MLCs from across the political parties and from all the States and UTs were provided with a unique opportunity to interact with each other. The first edition of the conference was conducted with the objectives of cross-learning and enhancement of legislative effectiveness at its core. The legislators acquired experiential learnings through thematic discussions along with a mix of thoughtfully curated large-format plenary sessions, brainstorming parallel sessions amongst the legislators, a showcase of States’ and UTs’ pavilions and commendable practices, and extensive informal interactions amongst the legislators, party leaders, Living Icons of Bharat and CSR representatives.

Festival on Democracy

A true celebration of Democracy and the practises which make it a crucial part of the existence of various countries, the festival aimed at taking the legislative practises to the people, making them familiar about various parts of the democratic processes which are generally never discussed or never given attention to. The  cooperation of the state governments on both the occasions proved to be the decisive factor behind the successful conduction of this highly ambitious event. The youth realised the importance of politics as a sphere which can touch lives, motivate its seekers and promote the desire in the hearts of the people to not neglect but to strive towards making their contribution to our democracy.

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Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad

Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad (BCS) is an apolitical platform on which students from all ideologies-political, religious, sectarian or otherwise-assemble to voice their opinions. It seeks to transform the outlook of young minds for their involvement and access in societal and rational causes for nurturing the dreams and legitimate aspirations of young and resurgent faces of India for strengthening the foundation of Indian democratic leadership. It imparts practical leadership training to prepare the youth for future leadership. It is a truly apolitical outfit and does not engage in any mainstream political activity. This mission is supported by Legislative Assemblies, Parliament Affairs Ministries and Youth Ministries of various State Governments.

National Teachers' Congress

National Teachers’ Congress or NTC is the first of its kind multidisciplinary platform for higher education teachers from India and across the World. It goes beyond being an academic conference and facilitates sharing of Interdisciplinary Knowledge through Teacher-to-Teacher Connect. India has a rich legacy of ancient Guru- Shishya bonding for ages, by virtue of which it has produced the greatest teachers of unimpeachable integrity, who were not just intellectual giants but also provided moral and intellectual leadership of a rare quality to our country. They were widely loved and respected as their teaching was infused with a high degree of idealism, passion and selfless service. To strengthen this bond further, NTC is taking strides ahead.

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National Women's Parliament

National Women’s Parliament or NWP is a platform to encourage and enable the social, political and economic empowerment of women in all strata of the society to establish a connect between women from diverse backgrounds like politics, social sector, education, sports, industry, media, cinema, arts & culture, judiciary and students by providing them a platform for deliberations, discussions, debates, mentoring and for evolving reciprocal and continuing engagement on all women centric issues and challenges.


Rashtriya Sarpanch Sansad

Rashtriya Sarpanch Sansad has been founded as an academic endeavour, a platform for inviting dialogues, exchange of information, new learnings and discussions on a wide variety of subjects related to local self-government. This is to provide solutions to the core problem i.e. even after seven decades of independence, several thousands of villages of our country are devoid of even the basic infrastructure for day to day living. Most of our villages today require a holistic development.
To sensitize students about the issues at the very core of rural areas and groom them for leadership role in the future, Rural Immersion is a part of the academic curriculum in MIT WPU wherein students work in various villages to interact at the grass root level with villagers and Sarpanches for understanding numerous issues faced by our rural folk, deliberating through dialogues and suggesting effective solutions.

Sarpanch Sansad is a step forward in the same direction and has empowerment of Sarpanchs as its objective. The platform involves open dialogues between all its participants, affords everyone an opportunity to learn what positive initiatives and problem-solving steps are being taken by others in their respective areas, showcase their own achievements, and enrich themselves with knowledge sharing. This is a nonpolitical platform and forms part of the CSR.

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