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The career opportunities both in Electoral Politics as well as Functional Politics are immense –


Opportunities in Electoral Politics –
• We have more than 543 seats in Lok Sabha
• 245 seats in Rajya Sabha
• More than 4200 MLA seats across India including all state legislative assemblies &
legislative councils
• Approx. 4000 Urbal local bodies including - Municipal corporation (Nagar Nigam),
Municipality (municipal council, municipal board, municipal committee) (Nagar Parishad)
• As per January 2019, census there are 630 Zilla Panchayats; 6614 Block Panchayats and
253163 Gram Panchayats in India



Opportunities in Functional Politics –
The elected members as described above and the political parties are always in need of
functional consultants in Politics. Some of these positions are –
• Political Analyst
• Political Consultant
• Policy Research Associates
• Constituency managers
• Campaign & Election Managers
• Social Media Strategist
• Public Relations officer
• Parliamentary & Legislative Assistants etc.

Since its inception in the year 2005 it boasts of a 450 strong alumni now. Many are associated
with political parties and political leaders. A few have contested elections from Gram Panchayat
to Parliament. Some are associated with the offices of Governor, Chief Minister and Speaker
while others are active in youth wings of political parties.


After completing post-graduation from MIT School of Government, you would have gained a strong foundation in governance, policy analysis, and leadership. Here are potential career options you could consider:

Policy Analyst: Analyzing policies and their impact on society or specific sectors.
Government Consultant: Providing advisory services to government agencies on policy matters.
Public Administration Specialist: Managing public programs and services at various levels of government.
Political Campaign Manager: Organizing and managing political campaigns for candidates or parties.
Legislative Assistant: Assisting legislators in researching, drafting, and analyzing legislation.
Nonprofit Executive: Leading nonprofit organizations focused on social, environmental, or public health issues.
International Development Consultant: Working on projects related to global development, governance, and policy.
Public Affairs Specialist: Managing communication and advocacy strategies for organizations or government bodies.
Corporate Social Responsibility Manager: Overseeing CSR initiatives and partnerships for businesses.
Higher Education Administrator: Managing programs or departments within universities or educational institutions.
Government Relations Specialist: Building relationships and advocating for organizations with government entities.
Journalist/Writer: Reporting on government policies, politics, and public affairs for media outlets.
Psephologist: Analyzes election data to predict outcomes and understand voter behavior for political parties or media.
Political Strategist: Develops and implements strategies for political parties or candidates to achieve electoral success.
Election Strategist: Designs comprehensive plans for election campaigns, including messaging, outreach, and mobilization strategies.
Political Campaigner: Organizes and leads political campaigns, coordinating volunteers, events, and messaging efforts.
Back Office Management: Oversees administrative and operational functions, ensuring smooth operations for political campaigns or organizations.
Legislative Research Assistant: Conducts research, drafts reports, and provides support to legislators in crafting legislation and policy proposals.
Political Advisor (in Industry): Provides strategic advice to businesses on navigating political landscapes and engaging with government entities.

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