Two Year Full Time Master's in Political Leadership & Government - Program Design


Subject Module
Competing Politico-Economic Ideologies
  • Fundamentals of Political Economy
  • Evolution of Political Philosophies
  • Political Ideologies in India
Local Self-Government in India
  • Panchayati Raj Institutions
  • Urban Institutions of Governance
  • Rural Immersion
Elections in India
  • Functioning of Election Commission
  • Electoral Systems
  • Electoral Processes in India
Psephology and Data Analytics
  • Pre-poll and post-poll surveys
  • Data Analysis
  • Election Strategy Making
Political Communication
  • Speech Writing
  • Political Oratory 
  • Electronic & Social Media
Public Policy and Advocacy
  • Fundamentals of public policy
  • Human rights advocacy
  • Legislative procedures in India
Working of Indian Constitution
  • Framework of Indian Constitution
  • Secularism and Social Justice
  • Separation & Balance of Powers
Organization Building and Strategic Management
  • Political Organizational Behaviour
  • Social Engineering and Election Manifesto
  • Game Theory & Strategic
Politics of Change
  • Constituency Development & Govt Schemes
  • Elected representatives: Opportunities and Challenges
  • NGOs & Social Movements