As we are on the threshold of commencing the fifteenth batch, I experience a sense of pride and joy for being a part of a very unique and noteworthy initiative by MIT Group of Institutions, Pune (now MIT World Peace University) - the establishment of MIT-WPU School of Government.

We have come a long way since the year 2005, when Prof. (Dr.) Vishwanath D. Karad and Rahul V. Karad approached me with a novel concept of starting an institute in Pune to train the youth desirous of making a career in politics and government. The concept immediately caught my imagination, as I had long nurtured similar thoughts. In fact, I distinctly remember that during my early days as a bureaucrat in Tamil Nadu, I had undertaken the task of training the 'Sarpanch' of all the Panchayats of the State. Hence, the thought of establishing such an institute had been at the back of my mind for many decades.

I was happy to see my thoughts taking shape at MIT-WPU School of Government and I agreed to be its first Chairman. While initiating the institute my colleagues and I have designed its program structure, syllabus and contents. If the youth of India were provided more knowledge about the functioning of government, its role and responsibilities, they would take greater initiatives in working for a cleaner and more efficient administration in the country. This is the principal aim of MIT School of Government, Pune,through its Master's in Political Leadership & Government.

This website will give you complete information about the program, the faculty and also how the previous batches of our future leaders have shaped up at MIT-SOG. We are taking all efforts to inculcate in the aspirants the values of democracy, functioning of different democratic institutions and leadership skills. It gives me great satisfaction in informing you that two year at MIT-SOG may well turn out to be a landmark year for your career in the field of Politics and Government.