MIT-WPU School of Government is one of its own kind of Institute, instrumental in preparing India for the next level of political change in the world. Accepted as an emerging power all over the world, India is in the phase of transition, gearing up to become a superpower in the near future. The MIT- WPU School of Government is working to create individual leaders who will be able to change the face of Indian politics and bring in the superpower era.


  • MIT School of Government (MIT-SOG) aims to help India make the transition into a global superpower in the future by Empowering young minds with the spirit of informed leadership and imbibing in them a fundamental understanding of the importance of ethics in political leadership.
  • Through an intensive teaching program, the School of Government helps its students understand the dynamics of power and governance in India.
  • A clear knowledge of the intricacies of systems that have traditionally worked in the government of the world’s largest democracy is just one of the many benefits that the students can take advantage of.
  • From complex international relations to intricate local administration, the MIT School of Government imparts all the knowledge needed to create a strong leader.
  • Enabling students to enter the political arena with an arsenal of well-sourced information and pre-developed skill, the Master’s degree program in Political Leadership & Government eliminates years of drudgery from its students’ lives.