Master’s program in Political Leadership & Government (MPG): Program Structure

Duration: Two-year, Six Trimesters

Total Credits: 90


Trimester-I Subject Trimester-II Subject Trimester-III Subject
Competing Politico-Economic Ideologies Local Self-Governments in India Politics of Change
Elections in India Legislative Procedures in India National Study Tour
Psephology & Data Analysis Organization Building and Management Election Campaign Management
Working of Indian Constitution Political Communication Assembly Election Internship
Philosophers of Bharat, Great Kings and Dynasties Mini Project Study of Languages, Peace in Communications and Human Dynamics
Mini Project (Assembly Election) Biography Presentation


Trimester-IV Subject Trimester-V Subject Trimester-VI Subject
Constituency Mapping Social Internship (NGOs/Social Movements Political Internship
Constituency Development and Management (Online Delivery)  Public Policy and Advocacy (Online Delivery) Final Internship
Budget Making and Analysis (Online Delivery) Global Politics (Online Delivery) India's Foreign Policy (Online Delivery)
Manifesto Making (Online Delivery) Finishing School


Skill based Certifications

  • Peace
  • Rural Immersion
  • National Study Tour
  • International Study Tour
  • Model Parliament
  • Model Unites Nations
  • Budget Formation & Presentation
  • International Relations
  • Functioning of NGOs
  • Ethical Leadership