Eminent Leaders

Proud to visit MIT. It is the temple of education. I felt as if I visited temple

Shri. Surjya Narayan Patro
Speaker,Odisha Legislative Assembly, Visited 14.12.2019

Great visit to the SoG, you have a great future keep it up ..

Lt.Gen.(Retd.) Nirbhay Sharma
Visited 15.08.2019

MIT with a prestige sprawling campus gives us the feeling of vedic gurukul. I am thoroughly impressed with MITSOG. I wish them all the best luck for their future.

Shri. Krishna Prakash
IPS. I.G.P VIP Security Maharashtra State, Visited 11.02.2018

Thanks for inviting me to the very impressive campus. I hope that we will be able to build strong collaboration.

Mr. W.Cole Durham, Jr.
Founding Director of the International Center for Law and Religion Studies, Brigham Young University, Visited 09.02.2018

Today interacted with students felt very satisfied.

Shri. Raju Shetti
MP,Loksabha, Visited 29.01.2018

I pray MIT like Institutions & University keeps building and thus keep the Peace in the world alive. I felt complete by the vibrations that I got from visiting the campus.

Shri. Govindbhai Dholkiya
Chairman of Shri Ramkrishna Exports (World Leading Diamond Company), Visited 23.12.2017

I feel proud my dream came true today. From last 10 years I was waiting for this visit to MITSOG Institution, I am glad to see future of India in MITSOG.

Shri. Dhananjay Munde
Opposition Leader Maharashtra Legislative Council, Visited 10.10.2017

It's been an enriching experience interacting with brilliant minds who are the future. It's good to know such Political training in terms of education is given here.

Smt. Amrita Dhawan
Former Professor JNU, National Convenor, National President NSUI, Visited 02.03.2017

My best wishes to the students of MIT School of Government. I found your library well organized and peaceful.

Dr. Anand Kumar
Former Professor JNU, National Convenor, Swaraj Abhiyan, Visited 01.04.2015

It was a happy and enlightening moment to be in the School of Government of MIT. I congratulate the faculty and students of MITSOG. Such initiatives are required in all over India for steady growth of Indian Political and Parliamentary system.

Shri. Bharatkumar Raut
Former Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, Visited 15.08.2015

I got an opportunity to interact with students of MITSOG. The institute is doing a commendable job and the students response is very good.

Shri. Madhav Bhandari
Spokesperson Bhartiya Janata Party, Maharashtra , Visited 24.08.2016

My interaction with students of MIT School of Government was interesting. Trained leaders in politics is the need of the hour and MITSOG is taking this mission ahead.

Shri. Keshav Upadhye
Spokesperson Bhartiya Janata Party, Maharashtra , Visited 25.11.2016

Visit to MIT School of Government is a great experience. This is a pioneer institute to train students into the art of leadership and governance. My best wishes.

Dr. Arif Mohammad khan
Indian National Congress, Former Union Minister , Visited 29.11.2016

This is a unique school, first of its kind and I wish the best young brains of this country learn from here to be the world class political activist.

Shri. Vijay Chauthaiwale
In-Charge, Foreign Affairs Cell, Bharatiya Janata Party , Visite 14.03.2016

The course by MIT School of Government for development of society is a good initiative. My best wishes to these young leaders.

Shri. Raghunathdada Patil
President, Shetakari Sanghatana , Visited 17.12.2015

My best wishes to the MIT School of Government. I wish they serve the society and nation through good education given here.

Shri. Ramcharan Bohra
Indian National Congress, Member, Visited 24.12.2015

I am very happy to learn that MIT Group of Institutions is delivering vital aspects of governance to young aspiring political leaders through Master’s Program in Government to create knowledge driven leaders for India

Shri. Ajay Maken
Indian National Congress, Member, Lok Sabha , 2005

Really wonderful work, Keep it up. My fullest appreciation.

Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss
Pattali Makkal Katchi, Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare, visited 21.01.07

It is a unique Institution. First of its kind to start School of Government. Congratulations

Shri. Arun Gujrati
Nationalist Congress Party, visited 12.07.07

It's a pleasure for me to learn about MIT School of Government. I wish you all the very best for the mission.

Shri. Brajesh Pathak
Janata Dal (U), Member of Rajya Sabha, 2005

The School of Government is a great idea. In time, it will surely emerge as a definitive benchmark in classifying 'good government' and its practitioners.

Shri. Chandan Mitra
Member, Rajya Sabha, visited 25.01.07

The very foundation of the institution (MIT-SOG) itself is in the best interests of our democratic structure, parliamentary institution, federal policy and secular spirit.

Shri. Chandrababu Naidu
Telugu Desam Party, Chief Minister Andhra Pradesh

I am glad that I am the first Communist Politician to visit this Institute. I am proud of being a Politician, that too a communist Politician.

Shri. D. Raja
General Secretary, Communist Party of India, visited 12.11.05

I congratulate the Chairman, the Managing Trustees and the promoters of MIT School of Government, Pune and wish the students all success.

Shri. Dayanidhi Maran
Dravida Munnettra Kazhagam, Minister of Communication & Information Technology, 2005

A wonderful experience. An eye opener on the issues that engage people. Congrats and may your tribe increase

H. E. Shri. E.S.L. Narasimhan
Governor of Chattisgarh, visited 02.10.08

I have been to the Kennedy School of Government, I have been to the Woodrow Wilson School of Public International Affairs the older one and they don't have a program like yours. You are much more practical than those two institutions.

Shri. James Michael Lyngdoh
Former Chief Election Commissioner of India, visited 12, 10.07

I strongly believe that the MIT School of Government would nurture and hone the skills of young leaders to strengthen the roots of democracy in the Country.

Shri. Jaipal Reddy
Union Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Culture, Govt. of India, 2005

I really enjoyed my interaction with so many enthusiastic and lively young minds. Please do not let them loose their idealism.

Smt. Jaya Jaitley
Janta Dal (U), Former Member Rajya Sabha, visited 17.02.06

Dr. Vishwanath Karad, a visionary, has started School of Government, a unique concept India was in need of. I am sure SOG will create great politicians for future India.

Shri. Jayant Patil
Minister for Finance & Planning, Govt. of Maharashtra, visited 26.12.07

A political career is no bed of roses and it demands much of a participant, depriving one of privacy and family life.

Shri. Jitendra Avhad
Nationalist Congress Party, MLC Maharashtra, visited 17.10.05

Since you are steering this endeavour, I have no doubt that much value and knowledge will be imbibed by students, I would be happy to participate in this much needed endeavour.

Shri. Kamal Nath
Indian National Congress, Union Minster of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India, 2005

In India capital formation comes from household savings not from Government savings or Corporate savings.

Shri. K.N. Govindacharya
Convenor, Rashtriya Swabhiman Andolan, visted 23.09.05

If Students taught in Government and Politics to enter in to Socio-Political fields, then India certainly has a bright future.

Smt. Kanta Nalawade
General Secretary, Bharatiya Janata Party, Maharashtra, visited 18.10.05

I see a bright future for this institution. The Dean, Mr. Rahul V. Karad is an impressive dynamic personality indeed with whom everyone will like to have linkage.

Dr. K. Malaisamy
All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, Member Rajya Sabha, visited 07.02.0

I have been deeply impressed and moved by my visit to this abode of learning and scholarship. Dr. Vishwanath Karad is a genius when it comes to building institutions of excellence.

Shri . K. Natwar Singh
Member, Rajya Sabha, visited 09.01.07

I send my warm greetings to the young students who are applying for the Master's Program in Government at your institution. I look forward to paying you a visit.

Dr. Karan Singh
Indian National Congress, Member Rajya Sabha, 2005

I wish that through the MIT School of Government the Indian political and social leadership will gain a worldwide acclaim and wish the MIT School of Government all the very best for helping this become a reality.

Shri. Kiren Rijiju
Bharatiya Janata Party, Member Lok Sabha, 2005

School of Government creating leadership of tomorrow with vision to educate and motivate them for good governance. Good opportunity for me in person was to interact and understand this generation who is going to be enlightened to lead India of 21 Century. It is a national contribution by Dr. Karad.

Dr. Kirit Somaiya
Bharatiya Janata Party, Former Member Lok Sabha, visited 08.01.08

This endeavor of the MIT School of Government will be the first step in fulfilling its vision of being in the forefront of providing excellent political education to the youth and the future of our nation.

Shri. Kuldip Bishnoi
Indian National Congress, Member Lok Sabha, 2005

Idea of School of Government is really unique. I was delighted by the teachers and students. My good wishes for this School.

Dr. Kumar Saptarshi
Founder, Yuvak Kranti Dal, visited 10.11.06

I am glad that I accepted to be the Professor Emeritus at MIT School of Government. It is imperative for politicians or people in governance to not only have a good Intelligence Quotient, but also a good Emotional Quotient, a better Moral Quotient and even higher Spiritual Quotient.

Shri. L. K. Advani
Bharatiya Janata Party, Former Deputy Prime Minister of India, visited 04.03.06

I feel this is the most institution where you are creating not just the good students but future leaders who could involve in the development process of the country.

Shri. Madhu Goud Yaskhi
Indian National Congress, Member Lok Sabha during MPG-05 inauguration, 05.09.09

I am deeply honored to accept your kind invitation to serve as a Professor Emeritus of the MIT School of Government. Thank you for thinking of me.

Shri. Manishankar Aiyar
Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India, 2005

For a long time I was thinking that the people who enter politics must have knowledge what politics means, what Good Governance means. At times I talked this over in Parliament that we need trained politicians. I am happy, the dream that I was thinking, has come true in MITSOG.

Shri. Manohar Joshi
Shiv Sena, Former Speaker Lok Sabha, Chaired Model Parliament of MPG-03 on 30.10.07

I have enjoyed my visit and have been impressed by the work and vision of the founder, Shri V. Karad. I wish the Institution many successes in the years ahead.

Smt. Margaret Alva
Indian National Congress, visited 27.07.06

New Chapter in Indian History. Government part of civilization now really open to talented learned student/leader from MIT-SOG. One of the best intellectual institutions of knowledge & temple of education for our students & future. Great feelings, emotions.

Shri. Maninder Singh Bitta
Chairman, National Anti-Terrorist Front, visited 14.08.07

Books are the best companions. There are books of an hour, but there are books for all times and they are eternal.

Shri. M.P. Prakash
Minister for Home, Law, Justice & Human Rights and Parliamentary Affairs, Karnataka, visited 12.09.07

Visited today MIT, Pune premises. Very glad to see a beautiful institution and an engineer & Spiritual leader as the Chairman of this great Learning Center.

Shri. Mohammad Ali Ashraf Fatami
Union Minister of State in the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India, visited 20.07.06

My only hope, my only expectation and my only advice particularly to the younger people is to emulate the examples, follow in their footsteps, go beyond them and make each one of us even prouder.

H.E. Shri. Mohammed Hamid Ansari
Hon'ble Vice President of India, blessed MIT-SOG participants at Bharat Asmita National

It was wonderful to be here for the Lecture. The students were very pro-active, attentive and interested in the study, 'Role of Government'. Shri. Karad has a great vision which he has practiced in the field as example for all of us.

Smt. Nirmala Sawant
Chairperson, Maharashtra Mahila Congress Committee, visited 30. 11. 05

There is a pervasive feeling of cynicism among the people when it comes to politics and politicians. I am excited to think about what this School can do to turn the tide around for better by molding and steering young aspiring leaders of tomorrow in the right direction.

Shri. Nitish Kumar
Janata Dal (U), Chief Minister Bihar

I wish all the best to the MIT School of Government.

Shri. Navjot Singh Sidhu
Bharatiya Janata Party, Member Lok Sabha, 2005

India is a democratic and secular country with a predominance of equal treatment to all religions. Religion is a personal affair and should not be manipulated as a tool in politics.

Shri. Nawab Malik
Nationalist Congress Party, Member Legislative Assembly , Maharashtra, visited 03.10.05

I had an excellent interaction with the students. I congratulate the founder Shri Karad for the cause for which he is toiling.

Shri. Oscar Fernandes
Member, Congress Working Committee & Union Minister, Govt. of India, visited 10.07.06

It is my pleasure to let you know my consent to be a "Professor Emeritus" of your prestigious institution.

Shri. P. K. Mahanta
Assam Gana Parishad, Former Chief Minister, Assam

MIT-SOG is a modern Temple of learning. MIT-SOG could be the sanctum-sanctorum of this Academic Shrine.

Shri. Prasad Harichandan
Former Minister of State, Orissa, visited 14.04.06