Two Year Full Time Master's in Political Leadership & Government - Career Prospectus

Electoral Politics

Strong foundation for civil services aspirants who aspire to play leadership roles in the near future. Students interested in actively pursuing politics, for them the course is an eye opener as we are exposing them to all the facets of government & nuances of politics in India as well as providing them with the much-needed global exposure.

Policy Making

The career prospectus for the students who graduate from MIT School of Government are excellent as they can get associated as Policy Maker or Policy Analyst with any of the Political Party & Assembly House.

Political Operations

  • Students of this course can look forward to work with leading political leaders, social leaders and various government bodies as Functional Advisors, Strategists and as back office executives in Political Parties, as Political Analysts & Election Consultants etc.
  • Several leading corporate houses having social wings are interested in recruiting people with this kind of exposure. A career in NGOs as Consultant or at the Advisory level is also a very good option.
  • This program also develops entrepreneurial spirit - Conceptualize and establish one's own NGO or political party to transform specific areas in the socio- political arena.
  • Networking of these students with their colleagues within the class as well as the networking they develop in due course of time with the guest & eminent faculties coming to deliver the lectures or while doing field projects and Internship in Political, Social and other sectors also generate immense opportunities in terms of career growth in related areas.